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DevOps is a hot topic that addresses a forty-year old technology evolution. Join us as we explore DevOps, broken into four strategic conversations that address why “now is the right time” for you to adopt DevOps. DevOps is for both large traditional organizations and small innovative teams.

Every organizations has it’s unique upside potential, but every organization will also have it’s own challenges addressing legacy models, frameworks, processes, organizational structures and the technologies, tools and platforms we already have, like or prefer.

Survive, grow and sustain is the “mantra” in the current economic climate. For this, organisations need to keep a steady pace in releasing and updating new applications and following a method that is acceptable to the stakeholders. They have to create a sustainable, operational equilibrium between development, operations and the business priorities.

At the core of development is Automation necessary for build, test and continuous deployment. Tools for release management, provisioning, configuration management, systems integration, monitoring and control, and orchestration are important aspects in building a DevOps system. In building and controlling of systems come into play agile techniques and Lean practices.Read More...

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200+ delegates from around the world are expected to benefit from this event. Attendee profile is expected to be similar to those who attended our DevOps Summit Conference 2013

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